CCCAP - Elbert County Child Care Assistance Program helps families  pay for the rising cost of quality child care for infants and children up  to the age 13. Parents/Caretakers must meet eligibility requirements to qualify for the subsidized child care.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families - This program provides a variety of services for families who are unemployed and seeking employment, or employed but fall under 185% of the poverty level. Some of the services available through this program are some monetary assistance, Medicaid, job training and education and job seeking assistance. Please contact your preschool director for more information.

Colorado Preschool Program - CPP is a state-funded, district-run, preschool program. CPP is intended to serve preschool-aged children in Colorado who are at risk for starting elementary school unprepared due to individual or family factors.  Please contact your preschool director for more information.

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program) - WIC serves pregnant or lactating women, infants, and children five years old and younger who meet income, medical, and/or nutritional eligibility requirements.


Peak Parent Center - Since its inception, PEAK has maintained a steadfast commitment to ensuring that people with all types of disabilities can be fully included in their neighborhood schools, their communities, and in all walks of life. (719) 531-9400

Zero to Three - ZERO TO THREE works to ensure that babies and toddlers benefit from the early connections that are critical to their well-being and development.

Child Welfare Information Gateway - For parenting tips, resources, and locating help in your community.





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