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ECECC is made up of a collaborative of members from Elbert County: community agencies, health partners, school districts, higher education, child care professionals, and individuals who are interested in improving early childhood services.

Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation - 

At the Buell Foundation, we invest in Colorado’s future every day. We do this by partnering with programs and organizations to ensure that there is a quality system in place that allows all children to be valued, healthy, and thriving.  Our strategy includes funding in two primary areas of interest: early childhood education and development and teen pregnancy prevention.

Colorado Shines - Colorado Shines is a part of the Colorado Department of Human Services. A Colorado Shines rating means that a program is licensed by the state, meets health and safety standards and is regularly monitored.

Colorado Shines Professional Development System (PDIS) - Competencies are the heart of the Professional Development Information System.  They detail what early childhood professionals need to know and be able to do to be successful.

Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines - The Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines provide practical tips and points of reference that anyone can use to help kids grow physically, intellectually and emotionally. The Guidelines support children with different cultures, languages and abilities.

Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance - ECCLA supports Colorado's 34 Early Childhood Councils as they coordinate locally to align services and resources for families.

Our Partners: Text
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